What we Do:Wash

The water, sanitation, and hygiene component comprise hygiene awareness sessions, construction of water structures (shallow well, water reservoirs), water trucking, rehabilitation and construction of pit latrines and handwashing facilities, and advocacy on the stopping open defecation.
The continuing and recently escalating conflict in a part of the Bari region is raising concerns in the wider humanitarian community. Since the beginning of this 2018, over 200,000 people have been forced into displacement and the main area of displacement IDP camps.

Continue displacement and new arrivals in the area have created huge demands for safe water, sanitation, food, and other essential lifesaving items. Not only that the competition over limited resources/ services are causing tension and new conflict among the host community and IDPs. In recent months, access to water in the corridor has decreased. The needs of sanitation facilities are enormous.

  •  Increase access to sustainable water and sanitation services to reach the most vulnerable targeted
    areas and population.
  • Increase awareness among target population and support in connection with safe environment and
    hygiene issues to reach them.
  • Empower local community institutions and WASH authorities in target areas in managements of
    water and sanitation facilities.